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A Powwow is a gathering where First Nations and non-First Nations people come together to dance, sing, socialize and honour First Nations culture. Powwows vary in length from 4-6 hours to 2 days; some even last up to a week. There are various components to a Powwow such as Ceremonies, dancing, singing and drumming.
Participants include: Host Drum and drum groups, Head Dancers in different styles (Men’s Traditional, Woman’s Traditional, Women’s Fancy Shawl, Jingle Dress, Grass Dance, Men’s Fancy, Chicken Dance, Woodland, Hoop Dancer) and Elders and Veterans.

Below is the drum Group “Charging Horse“. Watch the group perform at Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan Powwow where they won the drum contest; summer 2014

First Nation Cultural Tours has coordinated and participated in many wonderful Traditional Powwows. To coordinate your own educational Powwow demonstration contact Jacob Charles and get started on your unique experience now.

If you are a First Nations Dancer or Drummer we are interested in you! We do many demonstrations and like to hire punctual, motivational and positive people. Contact Jacob Charles if you are interested.